Transforming Breakthroughs into Life-sustaining Solutions
Creating Materials, Building Devices

The Kidney Project seeks to develop a bioartificial kidney as a compact, surgically implanted, free-standing device to treat end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Envisioning Amazing Technologies

Dr. Lotz’s laboratory work focuses on identifying mechanisms of disc degeneration, developing novel diagnostics and therapies for low back pain, and spinal instrumentation.

Engineering News

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Health Innovative via Engineering (HIVE) is the cross-UCSF engineering community that will work effectively, collaboratively and provides the necessary support for engineering innovation on a health sciences campus. It is this community of engineers which will translate discoveries to the patient.

Welcome to Our New Director!

Join us in welcoming Christopher Hernandez, PhD, as the new director of HIVE.

HIVE is committed to nurturing a diverse, innovative group of bioengineers working for meaningful change in medicine and health equity.

HIVE (Health Innovation via Engineering) seeks to strengthen the engineering community at UCSF

Through supporting and promoting efforts of our finest engineers, HIVE aims to transform the amazing discoveries of basic science into applicable technological solutions for health.