A Collaborative Initiative That Brings Together UCSF Engineers to Advance Health

Healthcare is at an Inflection point.

The confluence of rapid advances in pharmacogenomics, vast data availability and deep learning, the unprecedented scale of systems biology breakthroughs and transformative tools such as CRISPR-Cas9 have shaped this inflection point. Data generated by these, combined with social and environmental factors, have provided the impetus for novel therapeutics and the development of innovative treatment and prevention strategies.

The discipline of bioengineering provides the technologies to deliver therapeutics to patients. It crafts the tools that revolutionize diagnostics, treatments, and cures. Medical devices that can be integrated into the body, implantable sensors that monitor biological changes in situ, tissue-engineered constructs for organ replacement, microfluidic cell-culture devices, and neural interfaces—these emerge after engineers translate basic science discoveries into usable tools, devices, and technologies.


Patient-focused Tech

The astounding pace of enabling discoveries in biology and the rapid strides in engineering and computational tools have opened up the possibility of patient-focused technology solutions to transform health. The community of engineers at UCSF is ready to build each of the necessary healthcare-technology platforms while strengthening existing partnerships across the Bay area’s engineering assets. By combining UCSF’s healthcare preeminence with the regions engineering preeminence, we envision UCSF as the leader in bringing technological solutions to healthcare
Health Innovative via Engineering (HIVE) is the cross-UCSF engineering community that will work effectively, collaboratively and provides the necessary support for engineering innovation on a health sciences campus. It is this community of engineers which will translate discoveries to the patient.